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Lätt's talk about the colours of our products. Why do they fade?

Our colours reflect the natural colours of the ingredients we use in our products, they are not the "standard"white creams that you see on the drug store store shelves. We put the optimal concentration of ingredients into our products ensuring that our ingredients will actually have an effect on your skin and are visible in our colourful line of products. Because we do not use any chemical preservatives, the natural colours of our ingredients will naturally fade over time. This natural process, does not affect the quality of our products.

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Lätt's Talk Oil

Many people are afraid of putting oil on their skin, thinking “my skin is already oily” or “it will make my skin feel oily”.  I must admit, the first time I tried an oil cleanser, I honestly thought to myself that I was basting my skin with the oil like a turkey!  But when I finished the ritual of steaming my face with the warm cloth after massaging on the oil, oh my!  My skin, for the first time in my “three kids later” life felt so amazingly SOFT.  And that was the start of my long journey to explore oils and other natural ingredients for the skin.  Fast forward a few years and extensive training and research to become...

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