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Welcome to Lätt Skin! A women owned, all natural, plant-based skincare company. Lätt Skin is Pharmacist formulated skincare focusing on changes that occur to our skin during the different stages of life. Lätt Skin's ingredients are Health Canada approved🌿

Lätt Skin

Lätt Your Skin Be Beautiful

Lätt = Simple, Easy going, Effortless, Pronounced (Let)

What Is Lätt Skin

Our mission at Lätt Skin is to provide all natural, plant- and nature-based, truly transparent skincare (Pharmacist formulated) that affects the changes our skin experiences during different stages of life using only intentional, nourishing ingredients,in quantities that will have an affect on the skin. Formulated in an eco-conscious process.

Bespoke Skincare Products

At Lätt Skin, we want to ensure that you are able to find the best quality products using ingredient combinations that make your skin happy! If you do not see the combination that you are looking for in our products, please contact us directly and we can formulate a product just for you! Our products are all made and shipped from Toronto, Ontario Canada.


We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Carla & Stephanie

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Lätt’s talk about Lätt Skin product lines

Lätt skincare will balance and nourish your skin and allow it to feel beautifully soft all day long. 
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Summer Skincare Part 1

Sunscreen Part 1: Which is best? 

 Sunscreen selection is really a personal choice, but there are a few important things to keep in mind as you are researching and trying different sunscreens for yourself.   



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Lätt's talk about the colours of our products. Why do they fade?

Our colours reflect the natural colours of the ingredients we use in our products,
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