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Lätt Skin Moisturizing Face Oil

Lätt's Talk Oil

Many people are afraid of putting oil on their skin, thinking “my skin is already oily” or “it will make my skin feel oily”.  I must admit, the first time I tried an oil cleanser, I honestly thought to myself that I was basting my skin with the oil like a turkey!  But when I finished the ritual of steaming my face with the warm cloth after massaging on the oil, oh my!  My skin, for the first time in my “three kids later” life felt so amazingly SOFT.  And that was the start of my long journey to explore oils and other natural ingredients for the skin. 

Fast forward a few years and extensive training and research to become a natural skincare formulator, Stephanie and I would now like to encourage you to experience our line of natural, plant-based skin care formulated with intentional ingredients in the optimal concentrations to Lätt your skin be beautiful, whether you have combination or “I feel a little shiny by the middle of the day” skin, sensitive skin, or “three kids later” skin that is feeling a bit dry or dull.  Lätt Skin is formulated to nourish your skin with only ingredients that will nourish that beautiful skin and give you that “oh my!” feeling all day long.  As Stephanie has said, you could eat our products (you could, but we wouldn’t encourage it). 



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