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Lätt Reviews

Lätt Foaming cleanser & Mask: LOVE, LOVE the cleansing powder - my skin feels clean and so soft!  I usually use (drug store brand name) cleanser, but my skin feels so soft compared to that cleanser.  Randa

Lätt Timeless Serum:  My favorite serum.  Instantly felt that it hydrates and plumps my skin.  Veronica

Lätt Timeless oil:  I've never used oil on my face before, but I really like how soft my skin feels.  Randa

Lätt Creamy Gel Exfoliating Scrub: Since the pandemic started and masks were mandatory, I started to develop acne from the masks. A friend recommended trying the Lätt Creamy Gel Exfoliating Scrub. I tried it and fell in love instantly. It’s gentle on the skin so I use it everyday as part of my daily face routine. I highly recommend the product. I truly love the product! Mirjana

I love the product!! I just used the Lätt Creamy Gel Exfoliating Scrub which not only gently exfoliate’s but didn’t dry my face out and it also has an amazing scent that is very refreshing!! Again the Lätt Timeless Toner is light and absorbed easily, the Lätt Timeless Serum was next and I’ve used serum’s in the past that have left what feels like a coating on your skin, never fully being absorbed with a slightly greasy feel…but not this one!! It like the other products I’ve tried so far was light on the skin and felt like it absorbed rather than just covering the surface. The Lätt Timeless Moisturizing Cream again was not greasy when applied after the serum, it was perfectly balanced!! My face feels clean, refreshed, balanced and natural!! Can’t wait to try the rest of the products!  Stacey